Our Story

Our story started with AirPods back in January of 2021. We were over it — the right pod draining faster than the left, the Rocky theme song cutting out at mile 4, disconnecting from the Zoom call when grandma finally figures out how to work the thing. We knew there had to be another alternative to buying new when our AirPods began to fail us. A cheaper, more sustainable alternative.

So we put our heads together to create the first ever AirPod battery replacement program. A feat that was said to be "impossible." With your help since our launch, we have repaired, re-homed and ultimately diverted thousands of AirPods from becoming another e-waste contributor. 

Fast forward to January 2022, we launched our same swap service for iPhones delivering perfectly functioning pre-owned devices and, as always, finding your old device a new home. We all want the latest and greatest tech, but there’s no good reason it needs to be brand new. 


 We’re changing the way you upgrade to pre-owned tech.

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