Our Story

Our mission is to be the affordable and sustainable solution for keeping AirPods alive.

Our AirPods went from five hours of battery time to twenty minutes. We were over it - the right pod draining faster than the left, our favorite workout jam cutting out at mile two, disconnecting from Zoom when grandma finally figures out how to work the thing.

Upgrading or buying a replacement pair of AirPods simply because the battery wasn't working felt wasteful and expensive. If our AirPods couldn't be repaired, they'd just be another throw-away product. There had to be a better solution.

Together we're sustainably keeping the AirPod fun alive.

Podswap is a proud supporter of the Right to Repair Initiative.

We believe you’ve got the right to fix your products when they begin to fail you. By prolonging the life of our electronics through repair, we contribute to a more sustainable future.

Podswap Co-FOunders Emily & Emma