iPhone Eligibility

While we would love for every iPhone to be eligible for our swap, please make sure to review our eligibility requirements carefully. 

If you have questions regarding the condition of your iPhone please contact us with photos at support@theswapclub.com. 


Physical Condition:
Front screen, back cover or camera is free from cracks

Functional Condition:
Device is fully functioning

Device is free from water damage

Camera and microphone are functioning

Financial Condition:
 Device is fully paid off (if you are not sure, please contact your carrier) 

NOT Eligible 

Physical Condition:
Front screen, back cover or
camera is cracked

Functional Condition:
Home button is non-functioning

Face ID is non-functioning 

iPhone is water damaged 

Camera or microphone is non-functioning
Financial Condition:
You have an outstanding balance on your current device repayment

What happens if I send in a device that does not qualify?

Sending in a device that does not qualify will result in fees up to the value of necessary repairs. Recycle it with us instead!

My device does not qualify, now what?

If your device does not qualify for our iPhone swap, we will gladly recycle it for you!

Recycle you iPhone with us here.