One for Two AirPods Replacement Swap


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Missing an AirPod? No worries! Swap out your old 1st or 2nd generation AirPod bud (R or L). We ship you a pair of AirPod buds with restored life, you send us your one old AirPod bud back in the same box. (Charging case not included)

*Please select which AirPod you will be sending back to us*

2 Recycled AirPods (R & L)

Good as New Battery Life

Fully Sanitized and Cleaned

Free Return Shipping Label Included 

90 Day Warranty

*The AirPods you receive are recycled, therefore fine scratches and other minor imperfections may be visible on your replacement units. 

Please note, if your charging case is no longer working (due to water damage, corrosion, etc.)these replacement AirPods will not resolve your AirPod issues. If you are choosing this option because one of your AirPods does not meet our eligibility requirements, you can still send both AirPods back to us and we will make sure to recycle the broken one properly.

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