AirPods not lasting as long as they used to? Find out if a battery swap is the solution.

Your AirPods should be lasting for up to five hours of listening time or three hours of talk time. Are you wondering when the last time that happened was? Let’s find out if your battery might be the issue. 

Just like phones, the batteries on AirPods degrade over time from use. But fret not, there is a very simple way to test battery life yourself in just five minutes.  

1) Ensure your AirPods are charged to 100%.

3) Place both AirPods in your ears with the volume turned to around 65% (or whatever volume level is comfortable to you) and listen to music continuously for five minutes. 

3) After the five-minute jam session is over, observe how much battery has drained from your AirPods and refer to the chart blow. If your AirPods are in the “average” or “bad” category, you may want to consider replacing your AirPods through Podswap. 


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