Here's How it Works

Choose Your Swap

Determine the generation of your AirPod buds. You can do this here. Hold on to your charging case, we only swap the buds.

Receive Instant Replacement

Before you send us your old pair, we'll send you a pair of genuine AirPod buds with restored battery life that have been cleaned and sanitized.

Send Us Your Old AirPods

Now it's your turn. Drop your old AirPods in the mail no later than 5 business days after the delivery date to avoid a fee. A prepaid shipping label is included in your shipping box!

Introducing Extra Loved.

Perfectly functional AirPod buds that show a few extra signs of wear and tear. Battery life and cleanliness remain top notch. No bud left behind!

The first-ever battery replacement program.

Why settle for "kinda works" when you can have AirPods that work like the day you bought them? AirPods have an average battery lifespan of eighteen months.

That's where we come in.

AirPods are meant for life, not the landfill.


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